RPLidar with ROS2 and RVIZ

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This tutotrial shows how to connect a RPLidar to ROS2 and show in RVIZ.

Connect RPLidar to the USB port and follw the steps to shown below

Note: Here we are using RPLidar A1

open your terminal and clone the github project to your colcon workspace src folder

 git clone https://github.com/CreedyNZ/rplidar_ros2.git 

Then source the bash

 source install/setup.bash

After that,

 colcon build --symlink-install

Then run rplidar ros package

source ./install/setup.bash
ros2 run rplidar_ros rplidarNode

open a new terminal

source ./install/setup.bash
ros2 run tf2_ros static_transform_publisher 0 0 0 0 0 0  world laser_frame  

Then, open a new terminal

source ./install/setup.bash
rviz2 ./install/rplidar_ros/share/rplidar_ros/rviz/rplidar.rviz

Then set frame into laser_frame After that, add laser scan and and select scan under Topic.

RViz Screen

Hurray now you can see the lidar scan in the RVIZ

To see the lidar scan result in the console, Follw the steps bellow

source ./install/setup.bash
ros2 run rplidar_ros rplidarNodeClient

Now you should see the Lidar scan result in the console